Personal computers (PCs) and local area networks (LANs) are now mainstays of small businesses and corporations. Their power and flexibility provide substantial benefits in productivity at a mimimal cost. However, many businesses find it difficult to keep up with the ever-changing world of PCs and LANs and increasingly expensive to support their current installations.

Net Data Inc.'s consulting can help you meet the challenges of providing state-of-the-art computing to your organization's users. We are a consulting and services company that specializes in the technologies that make up the infrastructure of your computing environment: The PC and the LAN. By helping you to provide a superior infrastructure, We enable you to target your resources towards your real business concerns and away from day-to-day PC, LAN, Midrange, and Internet support.

In order to provide your company with the best possible computing environment, Net Data Inc. provides six major services:

In addition, our consulting provides several specialized offerings for emerging technologies the PC and LAN arena. All of these services and offerings are available at competitive prices to help you maximize the value of your computing dollar.

Every Net Data employee has years of data processing and desktop computing experience. Let Net Data put that experience to work for your company and help you realize the tremendous benefits provided by today's exciting desktop computing technologies.

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