Specialized Offerings

Software Distribution

Net Data Consulting specializes in the software distribution (SD) process, from the installation of industry-proven SD management software to the creation of customized "front-end" utilities to ease SD administration to the design of SD management processes. We have experience with IBM's NetView Distribution Manager (NVDM/2), Microsoft's Systems Management Server (SMS), and other SD vendor's products. Net Data Consulting can provide you with a complete "end to end" managed software distribution solution.

Migration to OS/2 Warp from DOS/Windows

IBM's OS/2 Warp provides superior multitasking, ease of use, and proven technology that allows you to communicate with all of your systems and integrate your applications in a seamless fashion. However, many companies have a large user base of existing DOS and Windows applications and workstations. By leveraging its vast experience with OS/2, Net Data Consulting can help you plan and implement a smooth migration to OS/2 Warp and enable you to reap the benefits of this exciting technology.

IntranetWare Consulting

Novell's IntranetWare represents a new generation of LAN operating system, combining superior file and print services with advanced corporate-wide administration and Internet/Intranet connectivity. IntranetWare's dramatic leap in technology with its Network Directory Services (NDS) requires careful planning, tempered with an understanding of corporate issues, to provide maximum benefit. Net Data can aid your organization in implementing this complex and powerful new technology.

Year 2000 Services

The Year 2000 Problem is not just a mainframe problem. PC's and Local Area Networks, which support a large percentage of a company's information processing workload, also are exposed. Net Data can provide Year 2000 consulting, hardware and software update services, vendor compliance information, inventory services, and other services related to the "millennium bug". If your company isn't working on the Year 2000 problem now, it needs to be; time is running out!

LAN Security

Many Local Area Networks start out small with little or no security; as they grow into large corporate networks, security is often ignored. Many networks are wide open to inadvertant damage by authorized users and malicious theft or damage by unauthorized personnel. Net Data Inc. can help you understand the various levels of LAN security, from simple user access to complex Internet firewalls, and develop and implement plans to lock down your network while still providing all of the services you need for your business.

Database Design and Implementation

Whether you need access to a local OS/2 DB2/2 database, Server DB2/2 or Host DB2 database, Net Data Inc. can provide the expertise you need to fulfill your database connectivity requirements. If you need assistance with your PC-based databases and report writers or need to migrate to a more robust database technology, Consulting can provide the services to help you make the right decision.

AS/400 Connectivity to Local Area Networks

Many IBM AS/400 customers are starting to expand their capabilities with the addition of PC's and Local Area Networks, while many traditional LAN customers are adding the power of the AS/400 to enhance their core applications. Combining these two worlds onto your users' desktops can be difficult. We can help you implement this combination of technologies using a variety of software solutions from IBM, Novell, and Microsoft.

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